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Spinodal Alloys As A Replacement for Beryllium Copper

Spinodal hardened alloys are characterized by regular submicroscopic chemical composition fluctuations. These chemical fluctuations occur spontaneously at the aging temperature and their formation is called spinodal decomposition. In the case of Pfinodal, the copper,...

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Case Study: An Artisan Approach to Industrial Production

We were recently faced with the unique task from a customer, Mike Robinson of Century Darkroom, who wanted to create a product that matched the quality of 19th century hand-crafting techniques with modern production methods. The product, metal plates that display...

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We’re All Becoming Part of the Internet of Things

Long before smartphones and smart devices were ever imagined, the world of “wireless connectivity” was achieved through smoke signals, drumbeats and the drone of bagpipes. Now, we stay connected in the Cloud, through satellite technology and through the integration of...

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Clad Metal Specialties: 30 Years and Still Evolving

Come see what we’ve been up to lately. For starters, we’re putting on a new face. Clad Metal’s fresh look reflects our passion for the future, our determination to stay ahead of the curve and our ever-growing breadth of capabilities. You’ll notice the change wherever...

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