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Clad Metal - Woman Owned Small Business and Leadership in NY's Aerospace Metal Sectors

At Clad Metal Specialties, we are driven by innovation. Our company is owned and managed by Denise Marcoccia and supported by the hard work and dedication of her extraordinary team. With that, we embody the principles celebrated in the recent Empire Space report. This report underscores the invaluable roles of veteran, minority, and women entrepreneurs within New York’s space sector, showcasing how businesses like ours contribute significantly to the industry’s advancement.

Driving Cultural Diversity and Ownership in New York’s Aerospace Sector - Blog Article

In the clad metal industry (vital for Aerospace), recognizing veteran, minority, and women entrepreneurs and leaders helps us anticipate new market trends and opportunities for growth. This report illustrates how companies owned by underrepresented groups are pivotal in propelling the space industry’s ambitious projects.

We encourage our readers to review the full Empire Space report to fully understand the data and narratives that drive these trends. It serves as a powerful call to action for all industries to leverage veteran, minority, and women as a fundamental element of innovation and success.

Here are some noteworthy points from the Empire Space report on veteran, minority, and women entrepreneurs and ownership in the New York space sector:

  • Employment and Economic Impact: The space sector in New York employs over 62,000 individuals and was responsible for over $1.37 billion in wages in the fourth quarter of 2020 alone.
  • Educational Contributions: Over 50 colleges and universities in New York offer programs in Physics, Astronomy, or Space Studies, highlighting a strong educational base that contributes to the sector.
  • Government and Private Investments: There are active Space Act Agreements with entities like Columbia University and the New York Space Alliance. Furthermore, Wall Street firms like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are investing in space, emphasizing the financial sector’s role in this industry.
  • Global Investments: The global space economy has seen over $186 billion in private equity investment in the last decade, with a significant portion in the United States, though New York has room to grow its space infrastructure.
  • Local Economic Drivers: Institutions like Cornell and the University at Buffalo are described as leaders in the upstate space sector, indicating potential regional economic boosts through further development and investment.

For a full understanding of these points and more detailed insights, reading the original Empire Space report written by Patrick Chase, Aayusha Singh, Amrit Roy is highly recommended. You can access it here.

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