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Clad Metal Solutions For Any Industry

Clad metal has many benefits; it is resistant to corrosion and wear, and it has thermal properties, magnetic properties, and electrical properties, so it is versatile in many industries and applications. Clad metal is also known for its strength, density, weldability, formability, and compatibility.

At Clad Metal Specialties, you can trust that the sales and engineering team will always be available to discuss your needs. Read on to learn more about Clad Metal and the different industries that can benefit from these products, including appliances, automotive, HVAC, electronics, medical, and military applications.
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If you are looking for inlay, toplay, or overlay clad metal, contact Clad Metal Specialties today by calling 631-666-7750 or toll-free at 800-666-0670. You can also fill out our online contact form to request a free quote.

We look forward to helping you with your product need or prototype sample.

We offer custom clad metal applications of full clads, inlays, and toplays to OEM’s in the aerospace, appliance, automotive, computer, electronics, medical, military, scanning and mobility, and telecommunications industries. Clad Metal Specialties offers engineering assistance from prototype through production. Products can be fabricated to accommodate widths between .040 to 5″ and thicknesses between .001 to .125″. Virtually any metal combination can be achieved with two to seven layers. Most quotes are sent within one to three days and custom prototype samples are usually delivered in two to four weeks.


Extreme temperature, friction, and heavy vibration can negatively impact materials used in aerospace applications. We offer clad metal products built for the challenges faced by aerospace manufacturers including specialty alloys and thin film solutions.


Household appliances should run properly and safely. From protecting electrical circuits, regulating temperatures in ovens and stoves, or in thermostats, our clad metal products will let you deliver efficiency and reliability in all of your appliance products.


Clad metal products are used in a wide array of automotive applications where safety, efficiency, and performance are major concerns. From rear defoggers and ignition systems to thermal management in engines and transmissions.


Used in a variety of heat sink applications, copper or aluminum clad stainless products help keep products cool in high volume applications such as LED lighting, automotive lighting, cell phones, as well as medical and hand-held electronics products.


Todays laptops, gaming systems, and other consumer electronics are becoming smaller, lighter, and more powerful — with clad metal solutions to thank for it. They are used in data storage, displays, touch-screens, gesture control, and many other applications.


Our defense industry products are designed to operate correctly in mission critical situations in a wide range of operating environments. Applications include laser & microwave communications, optical systems, thermal imaging, weapon systems, and more.


We offer many products and services designed specifically for the medical industry. Clad Metal offers solutions for medical applications such as medical coatings, x-ray devices, life science instruments, electronic implants, hearing aids, heat sinks, and more.


Used in cell towers, satellites, and everything in between, Clad Metal offers low-cost, high-performance products for the telecom sector. Our solutions provide reliability, durability, thermal management, high power transmission, as well as magnetic isolation.

Other Applications

Our clad metal solutions are found in many other products where durability and reliability are desired. Other applications include batteries, coinage, contacts for switches, moisture barriers, semiconductors, daguerreotype photography, and much more.

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