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The Benefits Of Inlay Clad Metal Composite Materials

Through the use of an inlay, designers can incorporate materials such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium with less expensive materials such as copper, brass and stainless steel. This composite puts the characteristics of a precious metal exactly where you need it, yet allows dissimilar characteristics such as heat sinking, spring and welding to be designed into a product.

Inlay cladding has several advantages over selective plating. The process allows the use of virtually any wrought alloy, ensuring a highly consistent composition, and allowing many alloys to be used which ordinarily could not be plated. Through careful selection of materials, a surface can be attained that is denser, harder and more wear resistant than a plated surface.

Clad Metal Specialties’ state-of-the art production processes assure you of optimum bond integrity. Precious metals can be located selectively to close tolerances resulting in substantial savings. By assisting customers in their design and using our advanced manufacturing techniques, Clad Metal Specialties can provide the highest quality composite material combinations. Upon request, Clad Metal Specialties will gladly run small sample quantities.

Secondary Plating and Milling services are available on all material systems

Precious metals, base metals and solder alloys can be made as an inlay, overlay, or contact material

Bonding & Rolling Mills Equipped with Vollmer Operator Interface Control and Real Time Spc with CPK Data

Prototype available upon request.

Lead times may vary.

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