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Due to supply chain issues, we will not be able to provide EB Welded products for the remainder of 2024.

The Benefits Of Electronic Beam Continuous Strip Welding

With electron beam continuous strip welding expertise, we offer improved productivity over other joining methods. This EB weld process allows our customers to stamp continuous coils of welded strips, rather than assemble individual components. This reduces both your material and labor costs by eliminating the scrap typically produced by a conventional milling or skiving process.

The electron beam process can also be used to selectively anneal a narrow zone along the length of the coil.


Weldable Materials

  • Alloy
  • C102
  • C110
  • C172
  • C194
  • C510
  • C638
  • C725
  • C729
  • Coin Ag.
  • Evanohm
  • Fecral25
  • Fine Ag.
  • Har106
  • Kanthal D
  • Manganin
  • Mild Steel
  • Paliney 6
  • Paliney 7
  • Palladium
  • Phinodal
  • Platinum
  • SSC 155
  • Tin
  • W.E. #1(.69 au, .29ag)
  • 304 SS
  • Alumel
  • Chromel

Secondary Plating and Milling services are available on all material systems

Precious metals, base metals and solder alloys can be made as an inlay, overlay, or contact material

Bonding & Rolling Mills Equipped with Vollmer Operator Interface Control and Real Time Spc with CPK Data

Prototype available upon request.

Lead times may vary.

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