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Extreme temperature, friction, and heavy vibration can negatively impact materials used in aerospace applications. We offer clad metal products built for the challenges faced by aerospace manufacturers including specialty alloys and thin film solutions.

The benefit of clad metal composites is that they offer the opportunity to combine needed properties and/or characteristics of individual metals and alloys into a material system that provides improved characteristics over individual alloys.

These composites often provide cost savings by strategically placing precious metals or higher-cost alloys in exactly the area needed and or by using lighter or more readily available materials as the carrier metals in the core and coating the core with products that have the needed characteristics.

Clad Metal Specialties has offered the following custom products and services to stampers and OEMs in a variety of industries including aerospace, defense, semiconductor, automotive, computer, electronics, medical, jewelry, military, machinery, appliances, and more. These products are provided in reel-to-reel strip or stamped parts and can have additional plated layers added if needed.

Through the use of an inlay, designers can incorporate materials such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium with less expensive materials such as copper, brass and stainless steel. This composite puts the characteristics of a precious metal exactly where you need it, yet allows dissimilar characteristics such as heat sinking, spring and welding to be designed into a product.

Overlay cladding is a process by which dissimilar layers of metals are bonded together into a composite material. This is a metallurgical process which uses no adhesives or filler materials. It is accomplished through the use of extreme pressure and, in some cases, heat. The process can produce what are commonly called single clad (two layers), double clad (three layers), and in some specific instances as many as seven layers. All Clad Metal Specialties overlays are custom made to your exact specifications. Our processes have the capability of bonding such dissimilar metals as nickel to gold, tin to copper, silver to aluminum. The combinations available, limited only by the designer’s imagination, can be manufactured in widths from .100″ to 5″, and thicknesses from .001″ to .125″.

Clad metal toplays represent one of the most sophisticated uses of clad metal composite material. Through the use of a toplay, designers can incorporate materials such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium with less expensive materials such as copper, brass and stainless steel.

Products and Services

Main Equipment

  • 4 bonding mills
  • 5 rolling mills – All rolling mills are equipped with state-of-the-art thickness control with real-time statistical process collection.
  • 3 reel to reel furnaces
  • 3 slitting lines
  • 3 tension-level, flatten and de-camber lines
  • Roll and blade grinder and polisher

The entire facility is equipped with an air purification system that eliminates 99% of all VOC, VIRUS, MOLD, and BACTERIA for the safety of employees, the environment, and the cleanliness of the product.

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