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Long before smartphones and smart devices were ever imagined, the world of “wireless connectivity” was achieved through smoke signals, drumbeats and the drone of bagpipes. Now, we stay connected in the Cloud, through satellite technology and through the integration of miniaturized components that send and receive signals communicating data and instructions to other connected devices.

You can remotely turn your house lights on or off with your smartphone, learn a bit about how “fit” we are with a wristband tracking device, or wear a tiny sensor that sends biometrics data to your physician (blood pressure, heart rate, etc.). It’s all possible thanks to wireless technology and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The IoT is changing everything. It’s affecting not only our private worlds but the world at large from jet turbines to the engines that run our railway cars. Estimates say that by 2020 between 26 and 200 billion devices will be sending and receiving information wirelessly via the Internet.

We haven’t even scratched the surface of possibilities. Soon we’ll be transported by self-driving cars, wear smart clothing, and have entire cities connected to the Internet to help optimize energy efficiency, control traffic flow and bring us unimagined conveniences.

The Internet of Things has created a giant wave of opportunity for industries with virtually unlimited growth potential. Clad Metal Specialties is proud to be immersed in this swiftly evolving field. Our specialized, custom; inlay and overlay clad metal products are finding new applications daily.

We are already integrated into many of today’s aerospace, military, and consumer products including scanners, satellites, medical devices, automobiles and appliances which are connected to the Internet of Things. We have seen exponential expansion in the IoT trend, in just a few years, and we’re extremely excited to be a part of helping to bring the world together through connectivity.

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